Westwind Soccer League

Apr 29 to Jun 22, 2020

Rules and Regulations

U8 (Grade 1 & 2) Rules - Click Here

U10 (Grade 3/4) Rules - Click Here

U12 (Grade 5/6) Rules - Click Here

FIFA Laws of the Game (U14, U16, U18) - Click Here

Westwind Soccer Rules and Regulations

  • The Raymond Minor Soccer follows FIFA Laws of the Game and the current Raymond Minor Soccer/Alberta Soccer rules and regulations. Raymond Minor Soccer reserves the right to amend parts of these laws as outlined in these rules and regulations.
  • All players, coaching staff, assisting personnel and team supporters are expected to obey the laws of the game and respect all Board of Directors and officials.
  • Foul or abusive language towards players, coaches, referees and volunteers will not be tolerated.
  • The team is responsible for the behavior of its players, coaches and spectators.


  • All players must be properly registered to a team for the current season to be eligible to participate in any games during the season.
  • A player may only be registered to one team for the duration of the season. Players may be transferred to a different team, if allowed by Raymond Minor Soccer. Once the transfer is complete the player is not allowed to play with the original team.
  • Players maybe allowded to register for an older age group/division, but will not be allowed to register to a lower age group/division.
Player Equipment
  • Each player is required to wear: proper footwear, shin-guards, socks covering the shin-guards, shorts and a team jersey. In the event of cold or wet weather long sleeve shirt/jacket may be worn under the jersey and sweat pants will be allowed
  • Goal keepers may wear gloves and pants
  • Players wearing casts or medically necessary devices must have permission from the referee to be allowed to play.
  • No jewellery or headbands allowed, foam hairwrap may be used
  • Goalies must wear different color jerseys from the other players. A different color pinnie is sufficient
  • In the event that both teams are wearing like color jerseys, the away team will be required to change jerseys or wear pinnies as determined by the referee

Rules of Play

  • Minimum number of players for game to start – U10 – 5 players, U12 – 6 players, U14, U16, U18 – 7 players
  • A 10-minute grace period will be given for teams to have the minimum number of players to start the game. If after 10 minutes if one of the teams does not have the minimum number of players required to start the game, they will forfeit the game and the score will be entered 3-0
  • Length of Games – U10 – 2 25-minute halves, U12 – 2 30-minute halves, U14 – 2 35-minute halves, U16 - 2 40-minute halves & U18 2 45-minute halves. There is a 3-5 minute half time between each half as determined by the referee
  • Coaches, managers and team officials shall not criticize game officials at any time and should encourage the same attitude and good sportsmanship amongst all players and spectators. The game official shall endeavor to conduct the game in a proper manner at all times.
  • Games during the regular season are played in round robin style, the games can end in a tie
  • After the regular season teams may advance to the playoffs based on their standings, all play-off games need to have a result.
  • If a play-off game is tied after the regulation time is played, there will be sudden death overtime consisting of 2 5-minute halves (teams switching sides after first overtime period). If after the overtime the teams are still tied then the game will go to penalty kicks to determine a winner
  • U10 and U12 play-off games will not have overtime, if the playoff game is tied after the regulation time is played then the game goes directly to penalty kicks to decide a winner
  • At the conclusion of each game both teams (along with team officials) are required to shake hands as a gesture of good sportsmanship. Both teams should also shake hands with the referees


  • The referee has the authority to take disciplinary sanctions from the moment they enter the field of play until they leave the field of play after the final whistle
  • A player who commits a cautionable or sending-off offence, either on or off the field of player, whether directed towards an opponent, a team-mate, the referee, an assistant referee or any other person, is disciplined according to the nature of the offence committed
  • There are no cards at the U10 level. If a U10 player is playing roughly, the referee should request that the coach substitute the player and the coach should advise the player to play in a fair manner. Any player who spits at or strikes an opponent should take no further part in the game
  • For the U12 level any player receiving a yellow card may not play the remainder of the half. Any player receiving a red card may not play for the remainder of the game. There is no further game suspension at the U12 level
  • For U14, U16 & U18 age groups any team official being ejected from a game or any player receiving a red card during the game will be asked to leave the field and area immediately. They will not be allowed on or near the vicinity of the field for the remainder of the game. They will also serve a 1 game suspension for the next scheduled game, the player serving a game suspension will not be allowed to dress in their team jersey and will not be permitted on the team bench while serving the suspension
  • No appeals will be accepted for a red card, 1 game suspension of any player or team official. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that their players serve their discipline
  • Protests in reference to the “laws of the game” and protests of decisions by game officials will not be accepted
  • Playing an ineligible player will result in the forfeit of any game the ineligible player participated. Teams found to have played an ineligible player will forfeit the game and the opposing team will receive a win of 3-0 for the game as well as 3 points

Age Group

Ball Size

Game Nights & Times

# of Players

Game Length

U10 (Gr. 3-4)*

Size 4

Mon & Wed @ 5:15 pm

7 v 7 (6 on field +Keeper)

2 – 25 Min Halves

U12 (Gr. 5-6)**

Size 4

Tue & Thurs @ 5:15 pm

8 v 8 (7 on field +Keeper)

2 – 30 Min Halves

U14 (2005-2004)

Size 5

Mon & Wed @ 7:00 pm

11 v 11 (10 on field +Keeper)

2 – 35 Min Halves

U16 (2003-2002)

Size 5

Wed & Fri @ 7:00 pm

11 v 11 (10 on field +Keeper)

2 – 40 Min Halves

U18 (2001-2000)

Size 5

Mon & Thurs @ 7:00 pm

11 v 11 (10 on field +Keeper)

2 – 45 Min Halves

*No Offsides and No Cards

**Offsides at 1/3 marker