Westwind Soccer League

Apr 29 to Jun 22, 2020

Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

Games will be played rain or shine. Field conditions will be monitored for soggy/unsafe conditions by Town employees. Only Town employees and Westwind Soccer Board of Directors are authorized to cancel games.

All teams and referees are expected to show up at the field regardless of current or forecasted weather conditions.

If Games are cancelled due to weather it will be posted on the Website and Facebook page by Board or Directors.

Before and during game play, the referee will determine if a game continues due to sudden severe weather

If 75% of the game has been played before inclement weather, the results will stand.

The following rule will be used to determine if a game will proceed due to lightning and thunder:

  • As soon as you hear thunder it is required to stop play and seek shelter
  • It is safe to resume the game 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder