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Apr 29 to Jun 22, 2020

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As a coach you are responsible to know, understand and follow all rules, regulations and laws of the game

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April 30, 2018

To Coaches and Parents of Westwind Soccer League players:

The presidents and head referee of each town have met together regarding the 2018 Westwinds Soccer season. We would like the refereeing standards to be the same for each town. Coaches have an important role in contributing to the consistency of this standard. The following are some of the key points brought up by the referees and presidents, where coaches will have a big impact on the kids they coach, respect shown to the referee, and the overall quality of the game.

  • Rules: Please educate yourselves on the rules of soccer which can be found at http://www.westwindsoccerleague.com/rules-and-regulations/. There have been some changes to the FIFA Laws in the last couple of years so please go through all of them.
  • Game Sheets: We will be using game sheets, which is new to our league this year, each coach is required to give to the referee a game sheet, at the beginning of the game, listing each player and their number. The referee will return the game sheet at the end of the game, please keep these for your records. Game sheets can be found by clicking the small pdf square beside your game on the online schedule (click on the age group above to see the online schedule for the age group). The winning coach reports the score of the game to Karen Wilde, karenwilde@raymond.ca, 403-795-7430.
  • Technical Area: The technical area, where the players and coaches remain for the entire game, is on the opposite side of the pitch from the parents and fans. There is a designated area for the team, a substitution box, and an area where the assistant referee can run the length of the pitch. ONLY the team should be on this side of the pitch.
  • Substitution: Substitutions can be made if the player is standing in the substitution box at the centre line in the technical area. Players on the field must come off first and then the subbing player can enter the field. The AR will help notify the referee with this but remember that your player may be standing there until the referee deems it a suitable time to substitute. If you are subbing 3 kids, make sure all 3 are in the box.
  • Timeliness: Games start on time. The referee will use discretion but may start the clock if a team is not ready. The game will be a forfeit at 10 minutes late.
  • Conner Flags: Flags do not get bent or come out of the field for corner kicks.
  • Goal Keeper Safety: Do not hurt the goal keeper. Read the rules regarding “possession of the ball” with regards to the keeper. There have been some issues where a keeper has been charged and we want to avoid this at all costs. No contact at all can be made with the keeper and the attackers must play the ball and not the player.
  • Player Equipment: There are no earrings, headbands, rings, or hard casts. Knee braces must be of soft materials.
  • Respect: We would like to encourage you to be role models for your kids and adopt an attitude of respect and gratitude for the referees. At the end of a game it is expected that teams meet at the half line and shake hands – including the referees hand. The referees are doing their best to provide a safe and fun environment for our kids to play soccer. Please thank them.
  • Referee Control: The referee controls the game and may use her/his discretion in calling the game. Referees will make mistakes and will not be able to see everything on the field. Please know this going in and teach this to your team. It’s important that kids know it won’t be perfect. As presidents of the Westwind Soccer League, we stand behind our referees; we will not tolerate abuse or disrespect of referees by players, coaches, parents, or fans.
  • Dismissal: If a player or coach has been dismissed from the game (red card, two yellows, inappropriate behavior by coach) there is an automatic suspension of the following game. Referees will report this to the presidents.

Thank you for coaching and we hope that you will help us implement a culture of good sportsmanship with our young soccer players.


Brian Bohn – Stirling Twila Jensen – Raymond

Grant Zobell – Magrath Stacey Atwood – Cardston